Importance of regular eye check up

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Importance of regular eye check up

Most of us believe that as long as we can see clearly, we don’t need regular eye exams. We may feel that an online test or a trip to the optician for a pair of glasses is enough to ensure our eye health. The truth is different. Most vision-threatening disorders have no symptoms in the early stages and cannot be detected only by a refractive error (glasses power) test. Professional eye doctors conduct eye examinations that entail not just testing your vision and the strength of your glasses but also monitoring your eye health.

It includes checking your eye pressures, eye alignment and examining the front (anterior segment) and rear (posterior segment) of your eye (including the retina and optic nerve). Experts believe that persons of all ages, including those who have not been diagnosed with an eye problem, should undergo frequent and timely eye examinations for eye screening. Some eye disorders can strike at any moment, and their beginnings and progression may go undiscovered for years while wreaking havoc on your vision. We feel it is critical to boost early diagnosis and create awareness about the need to receive regular eye exams throughout your life to avoid long-term issues such as vision impairment and blindness.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Patients’ visual functions and proximal eyesight are checked during eye exams. The basic test might help us figure out if we need glasses or another type of vision correction. Optometrists search for any eye health concerns in addition to examining the patient’s vision. Astigmatism is a frequent problem that can cause problems in everyday living.

Many eye diseases have no early warning signs or symptoms.

Many eye health issues and illnesses are difficult to cure or incurable once they have progressed to their full extent. That’s why, as part of a routine eye check-up, the retina, lens, and optic nerves should be examined. Macular degeneration and glaucoma are two disorders that you may not be aware of having until it’s too late.

Other Medical Issues Detection

An eye exam can also identify several other medical issues. These disorders can sometimes be diagnosed earlier by eye exams than by your general physician. Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and high blood pressure are the most frequent of these ailments.

Updated Prescriptions 

Your prescription will only be valid for a year or two if you wear contacts or glasses. The easiest way to ensure that your prescription is up to date is to visit an eye doctor for an eye check-up once a year.


Each patient’s medical needs and circumstances are unique, which may change their eye care regimen. Early discovery of any indicators of eye illness might help prevent it from escalating to something more terrible since prevention is always better than cure. Annual eye exams are generally suggested; children and older individuals may require more regular visits due to the fast changes in their eye health. After a comprehensive examination, your eye doctor can offer a more detailed program. You can visit A. Tanna & Sons Opticians for regular eye check-ups. We are committed to quality, value and service, to ensure that your eye sight is well looked after and to provide advice and guidance on your eye care, glasses, contact lenses and every aspect of your eye care.

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