Care About Specs and Eyes

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We at TANNA OPTICIANS are serving people for over 50 years. It is your constant faith and trust in us, which has enabled us to extend our services for such o long time. We care about your eyes and would like to help you to take better care of them.


  • Take frames according to your face measurements or as advised by an optician and keep them clean with water or solution and wipe them with a special cloth as provided. Do not wipe with the handkerchief, saree, dupatta shirt etc.
  • Use both hands for wearing and removing them.
  • Keep the spectacle arms folded and keep them in the case provided
  • Keep them away from small children (as they will spoil the alignment of your specs)
  • Keep extra pair for emergencies.
  • Do not hesitate to wear specs if you have one.
  • Do not wear other’s specs.


  1. Eat good food rich in Proteins and Vitamins. like milk, eggs, pulses, amla, carrots, and green vegetables. fresh fruits and dry fruits like almonds to keep your eyes healthy.
  2. Walk barefoot on green grass to keep your eyes cool.
  3. Read or write in the proper light and in a sitting position.
  4. Do not read in moving buses or trains.
  5. Keep a distance of at least 12-14 inches for any near vision & watch TV from a distance of at least 10-12 feet.
  6. If you have constant headaches or if your eyes water- please visit a specialist immediately as it may be due to an eye problem.
  7. Protect your eyes from excess heat, dust, wind, sunlight, TV and video watching. Do not overstrain your eyes.
  8. Wear sunglasses in bright sunlight.
  9. Use UV rays resistant lenses or UV antiglare lenses while working on computers (IT IS A MUST].
  10. Avoid looking at welding arcs & solar eclipses.
  11. Avoid the use of cosmetics (like Surma or kajal) & medicines for your eyes.
  12. Eye disease can be hereditary so if you are suffering from any disease (or if you are highly myopic) then get your children’s eyes tested when they are of 4 to 6 years of age.
  13. Do not allow your children to play with sharp objects.
  14. Tobacco eating, smoking & impure alcohol are harmful to your eyes.
  15. Exercise regularly by rotating your eyes in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  16. Wash your eyes with filtered water at regular intervals.
  17. Diabetic & blood pressure patients should control their sugar levels as it affects the eye.
  18. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 8-10 hours.
  19. A contact lens wearer should remove his/her lenses 22-24 hours prior to an eye checkup.
  20. Whenever you want to buy o pair of spectacles, visit personally to the shop for proper measurements and advice. Do not buy specs/ sunglasses from roadside vendors/stalls, as they do not have proper instruments for your eyes or lenses, thereby causing damage to your eyesight.
  21. Get your eyes tested every year or as advised by your eye specialist.

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