Top 8 stores where you get branded eyewear in Mumbai

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Even individuals with great vision nowadays prefer to wear spectacles as a fashion piece. It may drastically transform your appearance, but you must first pick the correct pair of eyeglasses for your face. We have you covered whether you want a pair of huge, black, thick plastic frames or a delicate rimless pair of spectacles. Check out our selection of the finest optical stores in Mumbai to discover the right pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses for you.

A Tanna & Sons Opticians

A Tanna & Sons Opticians, a top player in the domain of Opticians in Mumbai, was founded in 2004 in Santacruz West. This well-known company serves as a one-stop-shop for consumers both local and from other areas of Mumbai. This company has built a strong presence in its field during its existence. They offer a diverse range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of their consumers. This establishment’s personnel is pleasant and timely in assisting. They are quick to respond to any issues or questions you may have. In a nutshell, this company intends to broaden its product and service offerings to better serve its customers.

Gangar Eyenation

Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Versace, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and more are available at Gangar Eyenation. They have been in business for almost four decades and have amassed a network of devoted customers who attest to their excellence. 


Their selection of eyeglasses comprises 50 worldwide and regional brands. Their online business also has over 25 trained eye care professionals on hand to help clients with their knowledge. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have a Virtual Mirror option for trying on glasses while purchasing online.

Mayo and Lawrence

Lawrence In the realm of opticians, Mayo has carved out a space for themselves. Engineering, vacuum, and scientific instruments are among the precision instruments that they create and sell. You’ll find some of the most stylish eyewear styles and trends. Some of the brands you’ll discover on their shelves are Disney, Diesel, Espirit, Jaguar, Nike, Ray-Ban, Adidas, Bvlgari, Davidoff, and Fcuk.


For over eight years, Eye Contact Optician has provided eye care services. They have established themselves as the town’s opticians and assist families from all around the area. Eye Contact Optician offers a full range of contact lens services, including contact lens supplies. They give professional spectacle dispensing. They assist you in selecting glasses that are appropriate for you and your needs.

Vision Express

Vision Express is one of the world’s largest optical retail chains, with over 150 locations in 30 cities. They feature a unique Drive View lens that claims little colour distortion and a superior viewing experience among their several sorts of sight lenses.

Titan Eyeplus 

Titan Eyeplus has been giving the finest eye care. They offer qualified professionals that can provide individualised eye treatment at a reasonable cost. Titan Eyeplus carries a massive range of glasses from a variety of brands. Their skilled opticians provide the highest-quality eye examinations. Titan Eyeplus Lens Solution is a high-quality solution that will keep your glasses sparkling clean and allow you to see clearly.


Lenskart offers over 5000 different designs of eyeglasses and is the only company that uses a robotic process to produce glasses with three decimal places of accuracy. Every year, they adapt their fashions to stay up with global fashion trends, drawing inspiration from the world’s greatest designers. Their call centre attempts to please every client by resolving their issues and responding to their comments. They provide a 14-day return policy on all of their products, including prescription lenses. 


Your future might be bright and full of life if you attend an eye care centre regularly. Good eyesight helps with athletic abilities, driving skills, learning and cognition, and overall quality of life. You may also get a lens to boost your appearance and keep up with the latest trends. Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses when using a computer and UV-protective sunglasses while outside may be beneficial to your eyes. After all, blue-light glasses can assist with digital eye strain, while UV-blocking sunglasses can minimise your exposure to potentially dangerous sunshine.

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