8 signs you may need new eyeglasses

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Signs you may need new glasses

Getting rid of that beloved old pair of spectacles can be difficult for many individuals who use glasses. They now form a part of your personality because you’ve had them for so long. Your spectacles can recognize you! There comes the point when it is unavoidable, regardless of how difficult it is to let go. So how do you know when to cave and get yourself a new set of glasses? Here are seven indicators that it could be time. In addition to signs that you need glasses, headaches, squinting, and weary, aching eyes also show that your present glasses are inadequate and require a new prescription. Not sure what symptoms to look for?

Here’s the list of symptoms you need to look at:-


No matter the distance, a new pair of glasses can restore clarity if your eyesight is fuzzy. Uncertain about the glasses you require? Your age often dictates what sort of lenses you require; however, your eye doctor may be able to tell you. If you’re over 40, a reliable set of readers or progressive lenses can help you read smartphone texts or fuzzy writing on book pages. Most of the time, all you need is a stronger prescription if you need to focus more clearly on distant objects while you’re driving.


Various vision-related factors might produce headaches. Your head may throb from untreated nearsightedness or an outdated prescription, but that’s nothing a fresh set of glasses can’t take care of. It’s also conceivable that the issue is with your frames. It can be uncomfortable and result in headaches if your temples press too firmly on the side of your head or feel like they’re pressing on the back of your ear. An optician frequently resolves these kinds of problems, but it’s also likely that the total frame size is either too large or too tiny for your head. If so, no adjusting will help, and it’s time to exchange your glasses for a more comfortable pair.


You could be experiencing digital eye strain if you have to squint to use your digital gadgets at home or work. You may keep your monitor in focus by wearing computer glasses to assist in concentrating your intermediate vision. Computer glasses lessen eye strain and filter out blue light, which has been associated with restless sleep. Therefore, computer glasses may help you get more beauty sleep if you’re always around digital devices and have difficulties sleeping.


Double vision can have major consequences if it occurs frequently. But don’t worry—your ophthalmologist will be able to identify the underlying source of your problems. It can be a more serious eye issue like keratoconus or that your eyes are crossed. You’ll probably require a new set of glasses, regardless of your diagnosis. Your new prescription eyeglasses likely have greater prismatic power to aid with double vision. Prismatic power can prevent double vision and assist repair problems with eye alignment.


Not all wear and tear is purely aesthetic. For instance, your eyeglasses may get uncomfortable over time if the temples of your frames expand. More gravely, having several scratches on your lenses might impair your eyesight and strain your eyes. Cleaning your glasses is an important aspect of maintaining them, but using hot water might harm the lens coating. We advise purchasing lenses with anti-reflective or photochromic coating if you’re in the market for new glasses since they enhance eyesight and shield your eyes from UV radiation.


Your vision changes as you age, so you should continue taking your prescription. The best method to keep track of vision changes and ensure your prescription glasses are comfortable for you is to get annual eye examinations. Eye examinations assist in identifying potentially dangerous signs so that your eye doctor may address them before a problem emerges. To decide the type of glasses that will benefit you the most, comprehensive eye exams assess various factors. These tests may include:

Eye exams help catch suspicious symptoms that might threaten your vision, so your eye doctor can treat them before the problem arises. Comprehensive eye exams test several things to determine what kind of glasses will help you the most. Some of these tests include:

Visual acuity test: A visual acuity test measures your visual acuity by having you read an eye chart.

Test for colour blindness: The Ishihara Color Vision Test will measure your capacity for recognizing colour vibrance and contrast.

Ocular motility test: Testing the function of your eye muscles can identify the source of eye discomfort.

Depth perception test:  Test your depth perception to see how well you can judge how far or close objects are to you.


New spectacles might not only make you stand out at your new job but can also make you more productive. Several lens choices might work well for your job transition. It might be possible that your new office position necessitates a lot of screen time which can increase your eye strain. You may lessen the eye strain you normally experience from gazing at a screen all day using computer glasses or anti-reflective lenses. Durable lenses with an anti-scratch coating or even safety glasses may be helpful if your new work requires more physical labour.


When purchasing new glasses for purely aesthetic reasons, it’s fine to treat yourself to some new frames or lenses that go with your aesthetic. Find a style that suits your tastes and flatters your face shape from the various colours and shapes available. Because if you wear glasses, you may as well enjoy it.


Eyes normally deteriorate with time, so you should visit your optometrist for an eye checkup once a year. If you’ve worn the same pair of glasses for years, it’s time for a new prescription and a new set of glasses. Eye examinations enable your eye doctor to adjust or correct your prescription as needed and identify any changes in your vision. Make an appointment for a short exam with your optometrist if it’s been a while since your last visit, especially if you’ve noticed any other symptoms of your vision deteriorating. Over time, prescriptions evolve, and you may avoid the unnecessary eye strain that results from wearing an out-of-date prescription. We provide a variety of evaluations at A Tanna & Sons Opticians. We work hard to ensure that each patient receives the specialized treatment needed to meet their unique vision correction requirements. Please get in touch with us immediately to set up an appointment if you exhibit any of these five symptoms.

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Care About Specs and Eyes

Care About Specs and Eyes

Whenever you want to buy o pair of spectacles, visit personally to the shop for proper measurements and advice. Do not buy specs/ sunglasses from roadside vendors/stalls, as they do not have proper instruments for your eyes or lenses, thereby causing damage to your eyesight.



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