How to use your new progressive lenses

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Progressive Lenses

Your New Progressive Lenses are a truly advanced design for vision correction and will give you the most natural vision at all distances. As with all lenses, you will need to learn how to use them, limitations in your case will be explained to you at the time of dispensing. Give yourself some time to adapt to your new clearer vision of the world.

  • First, look up from your reading to far away. This reading ability and far distance vision are all you would have with bifocal lenses.
  • Now, extend the card to arm’s length and move your head up and down. Notice the smooth transition and your ability to read at all distances. Even trifocals won’t give you this vision.
  • Next, move the card off to the side without turning your head. The print may become less sharp. Just point your nose in that direction, adjust your chin, and watch the print glide into focus. In a very short time, these head adjustments will become second nature to you. Because you have chosen the advanced design of Progressive Lenses, you will need to make you fewer adjustments than with other lenses.
  • Give yourself two weeks or so of continual wear to become truly comfortable with your new lenses.
  • Now Progressive Lenses are also Photochromatic and also with Anti Reflective coat and U.V. Absorber.
  • You can also opt for coloured Progressive Lenses for Dark Glasses.

How to care for your Plastic/ Anti Reflective Coated Spectacle Lenses

  • Be sure to keep your lenses and frames clean. It is recommended that you only an approved optical lens-cleaning cloth/ tissue paper for maintenance.
  • Occasionally clean your lenses by dipping them into the lukewarm, soapy water and then rinsing them under running water. To dry gently pat them with a lens cloth/tissue paper.
  • Always wet your lenses when you clean them. Wiping lenses dry may cause scratches. Especially in a dusty environment like our city.
  • Keep your eyewear in a spectacle case. Open the case fully and gently pull them out, sliding them in and out may dull the lenses.
  • Always use your two hands to take your spectacles off. Remove them using even pressure on both earpieces.
  • Rimless spectacles are fragile, you should handle them carefully.

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